At TECNOPRO we manufacture all kinds of mechanized parts, elements and assemblies:

Rollers, shafts, wheels, pins, bolts, hinges, couplings, caps, spacers, spacers, stops, belt rollers, lead rollers, eccentric shafts, rods, flanges, guides, clamping claws, forks, supplements, wedges etc.

In addition to all kinds of mechanized assembly and repairs of all kinds, jamming of stub axles, buckets, grapple shovels, re-growth and adjustments of axes, recoveries of clearances, etc.


In our boilermaking section we manufacture, apart from the mechano-welded assemblies and transformation of planes, all kinds of elements, supports, vats, gutters, collectors, etc.

Thanks to the capacity we have in both machinery, resources and qualified personnel, we are also dedicated to the reconstruction of machinery and mechanically welded elements or assemblies.

reparaciones tecnopro

TECNOPRO is specialized in the repair and reconstruction of equipment and machinery. We deal with the entire process related to the repair of machines that have suffered wear and tear over the time that is, we disassemble, clean, mechanize the new elements and we reassemble and adjust it for its commissioning.

mecano-soldados tecnoproMECHANO-WELDED ELEMENTS

Likewise, we take care of the design and construction of welded and machined parts based on the customer’s specifications, as can be seen in the images you see below.

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